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YouTube ++ ++ Download And Install Without jailbreak

YouTube ++ ++ Download And Install Without jailbreak

YouTube ++ ++Download And Install Without jailbreak  
Youtube ++ ++ – We All Are know that the process of download any video to YouTube is quite complicated and a little bit difficult from your iPhone or iPad. The issue is very small but sometimes it becomes very creepy for us. Hence we [ iosbuckets ] thought that why don’t we resolve this YouTube issue for iOS users. So let’s revel that thing without making any more suspense. YouTube++ is an app which allows you to download videos from YouTube.
YouTube ++ ++ is a customized alternative to official Youtube App. The iPhone and iPad users even can’t believe on the list of a number of awesome user-friendly features which come on YouTube ++ ++.
YouTube++ ++Download And Install Without jailbreak


Users of YouTube ++ ++ in their ios devices without any boundetion like official YouTube App can disable and access the contents like interrupting promotional Adds which comes on videos one can easily block with it. And not just this video add, upload buttons every feature which one makes you feel a little bit annoyed and make your experience pretty bad with YouTube can disable. If we talk about in the Cydia tweaks the YouTube ++ ++ is the best one App.
YouTube ++ ++ give you complete access to watch, download and remove videos from the App. This alternative App allows the user to just tapping the download button down to the video which one video you want to download. The best feature of the App is which one YouTube users desperately want that is downloading audio files from the video which one you want to get in your device in only audio or mp3 format.

Let’s get know some more advanced features of App in detail. It will help you to get more access to the App.

  • One can get the videos on their device camera roll.
  • The user gets age restriction feature with it.
  • YouTube++ user can download any video with just tapping a single button down to the video.
  • You have always customized the settings every time when you watch videos on YouTube official. There is a default playback quality feature for you can set it as default playback quality for the videos that you want to play on your iOS device.
  • White keyboard this feature gives a unique look at App. It’s just a feature for you don’t feel like using a routine App.
  • In the list of last, this one feature will insist you more to get the YouTube++ App in your iDevice that is Background Playback this exactly works like a music player. It will allow you to come out to the App tapping with the home button on your device. Even you can listen to their music on the lock screen.

The things you will need before you get this App in your iDevice.
  • Un-jailbroken iPhone or iPad.
  • A USB cable connector for connecting your device to P.C.
  • Cydia App, TuTu Helper, Youtube++ iPA one of this.
  • Cydia Impactor
  • Windows, Mac or Linux computer.
  • An active internet connection.

Now we are ready to get YouTube++ in your iDevice. If you want to jailbreak your iDevice we will never recommend it. Keep following for install YouTube++ on your iPhone or iPad.
YouTube++ ++Download And Install Without jailbrek
  • Open the Cydia App which already installed on your iDevice. If you don’t have so you have to install first.
  • Then open the search bar of Cydia App. And search for YouTube++.
  • Click on Install button of YouTube++. And follow the installation process.
Now you are right on the to get YouTube++ on your iPhone or iPad now you need a Cydia Repo source. So get it with simple steps given below.
  • Open your Cydia App on your device and tap on the Manage option.
  • Now you can see a Source option under to the Manage option.
  • Click Edit and then Add option to Add the repo source.
  • Copy and paste the repo Url address on the Cydia App.

You have almost done now click the home button on your device and launch the new tweaked YouTube++ App.

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