6 Mac-Hardening Security Tips to Protect Your Privacy

6 Mac-Hardening Security | When you buy a Mac for the first time, you might be intrigued to use your new system and utilize it to its fullest capacity. However, as a new user, you might be scared to know that no device connected to the internet is safe from impostors. There might be a chance that a hacker is using your personal information without your knowing about this. Read the article about the 6 mac-hardening security tips to protect your privacy.

6 Mac-Hardening Security | Keep Your System Updated

Your Mac might be asking for system updates every once in a while; however, the objective behind your system asking for updates is crucial. Mac updates your system to fix the flaws and bugs in your system that will improve the performance of your system. To update your system, you have to click on the Apple icon on the right side of your screen, select the “About this Mac” option, and click on Software Update. Your system will look for updates and if you see a notification, update your system to fix the bugs.

Mac-Hardening Security

6 Mac-Hardening Security | It is wiser to select the auto-update option never to miss the updates and have a smoother user experience. When a new software update is available, your system will automatically update itself without you hassling to update it.

Use Antivirus Softwares

You might be wondering if your Mac needs antivirus software. Well, the answer is an absolute yes! However, the software you want to use should be chosen wisely. Some of the best antivirus software for your Mac out there are CleanMyMac and Intego Mac Internet security. If you want to know more about protecting your Mac from viruses, head to https://setapp.com/ to find out more.

CleanMyMac is one of the most trusted and used antivirus software and ranks top for users concerned about their privacy. These applications will scan your system for viruses and show you the unnecessary big files that consume much space in your system.

Use Authenticated Apps

We use a variety of applications in daily life. Ranging from Instagram to Spotify, our lives are entwined between applications and software. However, Mac users must be aware that the Apple Store doesn’t allow them to install apps from unidentified sources, and you can only download apps available on the Apple store. It might seem annoying, but this secures your system from hackers.

To restrict your system from downloading applications from unauthorized sources, go to System Preferences, and select Security and Privacy; after that, select “General”. Here, you can choose the box that says “allow apps to be downloaded from the app store and identified developers,” and here you go!

6 Mac-Hardening Security | Turn On Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption ensures complete security! You can encrypt your data on the hard disk through File Vault, an inbuilt protective shield for your system that prevents others from using your data.

Many times, your loved ones might borrow your system for their personal use; it would be helpful to secure your data by using FileVault. To enable FileVault on your system, head over to System Preferences, click on Security and Privacy, and turn on FileVault. You can even use a password but ensure it is strong!

Use Location Sharing Wisely

If you are searching for “best pizza near me” and anticipating the best restaurants around you to pop up on the screen without turning on your location, you are doing it wrong. We agree that using location comes in handy whether to know about the weather forecasts of your current location or to locate the best ice cream selling shops for your kids.

However, your system might have some apps that use your location unnecessarily. What if you have installed an unauthorized app that is sharing your location with a hacker who is stalking you day and night? Look at the person standing near your window. Did we creep you out? To ensure this doesn’t happen, go to System preferences, click on Security and Privacy and hop onto Location and unselect all the unnecessary apps that might be using your location.

Disable Spotlight Suggestions

Flashing the spotlight on unnecessary items is never a viable option! Turning the spotlight suggestions on your system might not be a good choice for you. When you use the spotlight for search terms on Safari, your data might be sent to Apple to show you related search terms per your current location and search query. Apple stores your data to use it, which might not be a good option. Head over to system preferences and then click on the spotlight.

We have covered the best security tips that will protect your Mac from getting hacked by impostors. Let us know in the comments if we have missed out on something.

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