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AltServer is the IPA signing Platform for macOS and Windows to download the app in supporting iOS devices. This will only work in the alternative of Cydia impactor which should be compatible with ios 13.5 as well. One can download and install any IPA package free of cost from this software.

There is a free certificate that will give you some limitations you can install up to 3 applications on each device and can sign in to a max of 10 IDs. every 7 days after signing in. In this case, you will need to connect your iOS device to your PC and reinstall back or repeat the process back. AltServer will sign in to IPA Pack and Send that IPA back to Restore to install the IPA on your iPhone or Any iOS device you want to.


Download AltServer

Altserver allows you to sign in and install any application with your own Apple ID, Can upload apps to a wifi connection, and can refresh or update your apps to prevent them stuck at any point ( NOTE: When the same wifi network is connected as Altstore. ), and also it will manage your IPA updates over Altserver for Windows and macOS. Make Sure it will work in iOS 12 and iOS 13 firmware.

Some more things are here in Altsotre they Offer you to deactivate apps and enable you to switch between apps which has a limit of 10 times. The Jailbreak device users can install AltDaemon in their device which will act like Local AltServer this will allow you to Download and install apps without any need for a PC.

AltServer is the platform released as an open-source by GitHub. If you are a developer and want to navigate get into the branch and check the source to know how this platform works. It has amazing methods to enable IPA files in iOS 12 and iOS 13.

For Linus users, this time it’s not available. We will provide links below to find and download all the latest released versions of AltServer for Your Windows and macOS. If you have older iOS firmware you can also install iPAs in it with the help of AltServerPatcher. This tweak can Sideload Tools of Jailbreak for example unc0ver, Phoenix, and h3lix on your iOS 9+ versions.

After the 1.4 beta version, AltServer can also support iOS 14. This time only macOS is available for download.

Download AltServer Direct in windows and MacOS

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