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ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes Kids Song

Today, one of the network’s Channels, ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, is the second-most seen channel on YouTube in India, after audio channel T-Series.  Since its launch, ChuChu TV has made around 384 videos, which have a combined viewership of more than 11.8 billion. Globally, ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids songs rank 21st on the list of the most-watched channels.

The Majority of the company’s viewers Come from the USA, India, the Philippines, Canada, and Vietnam. It also has a Spanish channel. Currently, ChuChu TV plans to release videos in Brazilian, French, Portuguese, and Russian. It sang nursery rhymes and tunes, and his daughter loved them but did thousands of children from around the world when he uploaded a few videos on the Web in 2013.

Chandra then obtained together with four buddies to Establish ChuChu B Krishnan rewrote the lyrics of both nursery rhymes to make them more contemporary; Subbiramanian T S appeared after finance and partnerships; Ajith Togo handled the legal aspect of the company, and Suresh Bhoopathy took care of operations and human assets.

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ChuChu TV Songs

The five together ended up creating one of the world’s most significant media brands for kids and the largest in India and also the Asia-Pacific area by volumes. ChuChu TV’s community of six channels — in English, Spanish and Portuguese — together has 14 million subscribers from 75 nations, bringing in 12 billion viewers on YouTube.

But can the company scale and expand beyond the limited world of this Google-owned platform? ChuChu TV Studios is also said to be in talks with a large media business for a strategic partnership. Chandler doesn’t deny it.

In the last thirty days, the children’ Category contributed approximately 16 billion in viewership across the world on YouTube. This puts ChuChu TV at the forefront in the Rs 7,690-crore digital ad market that Google dominates. Typically, YouTube shares 55 percent of the revenues it generates using the information creators.

More than 80 percent of ChuChu TV’s traffic comes from outside India, and from this, it succeeds a double advantage. While ad rates for youngsters articles online are roughly 10 times those on TV, overseas ad rates are 5-8 times higher than the Rs 200 to Rs 300 per thousand perspectives that Indian advertisers payoff “Until last year, we’re spending our own money. Now the revenues are decent,” says Chandra without providing any amounts.

ChuChu TV Rhymes Free Download

Yet heading beyond YouTube will Be ChuChu TV’s next major challenge. “YouTube is ultimately not your own platform. Today, it is boosting (ChuChu TV) because of this massive viewership,” says Kar. Since Facebook and Google constantly change algorithms, it’s possible the same content won’t get as much viewership later. That is why almost every major content creator from Star India to Balaji Telefilms is constructing its personal platform. A number of smaller ones such as AIB or even TVF tie up with the big men or raise money to be able to create their own brands.

ChuChu TV serves a particular Part in pre-school articles by building characters and intellectual property. But because rating companies don’t measure viewership under four years, pre-school channels do not appear from the audience amounts on TV– a pre-dominantly ad-driven market where pay earnings are minuscule. As a consequence, pre-school channels such as BBC’s CBeebies fought in India before closing stores.

ChuChu TV is At the center of several current trends on YouTube. We spoke to Chandra about the origin of his channel, its current state, and his goals for the long term. ChuChu TV is your third most dispersed YouTube channel in India ahead of giants like AIB and TVF. With time ChuChu TV has been the go-to place for finishing all sorts of toddler tantrums that are faced by parents.

ChuChu TV Cartoon

ChuChu TV, becoming a global brand, commissioned Its digital marketing objectives to echoVME to make it a platform for both parents to engage and interact. Within this case analysis, we will take you through the procedures adopted and the outcomes obtained from them.

ChuChu TV has been our baby and we all truly adore the way this brand has grown exponentially on social media in the last 2 years, the growth has been organic on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and we have grown on Facebook through the means of stories that are sponsored and like campaigns. Above is an infographic that demonstrates where they have been and where they are after the team echo me failed their Social Media Magic on to this brand:


  • To transform the tone of the channel from kids-specific to parent-centric from the digital space (the brand was earlier just focusing on promoting rhymes and also the goals were re-set)
  • Create content items that would help in increasing page engagement/ page likes/ page visits.
  • Hit the right thoughts of the target audience and make ChuChu TV a platform for both parents to engage.
  • Make individuals spend more time with all the social media channels and campaigns of the brand.
  • Make ChuChu TV a brand about the global space that individuals would visit to look at the latest rhymes and parenting tips.

ChuChu TV Storytime

Solutions offered:

Already becoming a trusted brand Made it easier for us to gain more trust and acquire followers for Chu Chu TV. We followed the article’s marketing strategies to re-establish the brand under these avenues:

  • Create top-quality relatable and interactive articles that would build trust and credibility among the audience.
  • Give parents hints and solutions that they can count on/ recall / utilize in their day-to-day encounters with their own children.
  • Make visitors aware every time a new video is uploaded through posts of various types.
  • Create a material bucket and follow a 4-step strategy that involved advertising on social media, revamping the website tab, running email campaigns, and encouraging the app.

Content Bucket:

  • Simple & Relatable post: Happiness is….., Parenting tips that would connect with all the sentiments of the parents.
  • Meme-style post: To add a touch of humor when forcing an engagement.
  • Puzzle: Generic and Rhyme based posts.
  • Campaign: Articles based on These hashtags #ChuChuTVRealityCheck, #BeingAMom.
  • Interactive article: To know what the audience perspectives are while bringing in engagement GIFs.

Youtube ChuChu TV

Brand Revamping Process:

Step 1 – Social Media Promotion:-

When ChuChu TV came to Us it already had a Facebook page together with around two Lakh page likes. It was famous just for having links to the rhymes on its YouTube channel. According to the articles bucket that was framed, we started designing posts on various series to market the rhymes, interact with parents and entertain kids while being both standard and parent-centric. The posts on social media had been run and fostered to achieve the following results:

  • Crowd-sourced articles
  • A billion likes on Facebook
  • Ran campaigns that revolve around challenges faced by parents
  • Innovative contests

The following are our Finest Articles to the date below each category:

#1. Simple & Relatable:-

Easy and relatable posts Connect with the audience in an emotional way. This sort of article became the most selling one as it would gel together with the thoughts of these people. For simple and relatable content we did the following:


A Set of generic posts is Made weekly, that starts with happiness is…’ The articles are as simple as happiness is… taking a nap as soon as your kid takes a nap’ and happiness is… your dad saying”I know you can get it done”.’ The article below was the top-performing article in the series.

The Team incorporated the idea of hints and ideas for ChuChu TV so that it will become a brand that is known for helping parents all around with everyday challenges that come with the package of parenting. It is a strategy to make parents, especially new parents, get better at it. Both image and video-based articles were made for providing tips. The top-performing post is displayed below.

ChuChu TV Police

Memes, While connecting to the thoughts of their parents, are the very best way to add a touch of humor. ChuChu was already known for being a page parents could look up to for hints and hints. We wanted to make it a page parents would look at if they needed a laugh. By far the best way to de-stress social media is through memes and ChuChu TV aced at it while still connecting to the thoughts of individuals.

ChuChu TV owes its source to getting a two-year-old girl reciting the Popular nursery rhyme – Chubby Cheeks – on her father. IT service provider, Vinoth Chandar walked into his house one day in 2013 and saw his daughter reciting the poem; as any father could he grabbed his camera and captured it with the intent of putting this up on YouTube.

Vinoth ChandarWhat he actually did yet, Was something else completely. As it happens, Chandar, an avid YouTuber, first watched Charlie Bit My Finger back in 2011, a video that nonetheless has’virality’ experts scratching their heads in question.

Uploading his animated chubby Cheeks’ video to YouTube brought with it plenty of surprises. On day one, the views crossed the 10,000 mark, and 3 months after that, it surpassed 3,00,000 viewpoints.
It was enough to tell me that folks liked the content,” asserts Chandra.

ChuChu TV Tamil

Chandra (Right)”I advised them that video would be the future and YouTube is a great place to spend. But at the same time, I had no idea just how much money we can make on YouTube or what exactly the scale of this business may be. I told them I’d love to do one more video to understand it.

By ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in May 2013 which captured 10 times the numbers. Thus was born ChuChu TV, named after Chandar’s daughter, along with her brother, plays leading parts in the scheme of all things. After that, there was no looking back. Today, Chandra is the proud recipient of the YouTube Diamond Play Button, an honor given to creators that have gained more than 10 million subscribers.

ChuChu TV turned out to be the Finest buddy of millions of preschoolers across the world. When it crossed the 10 million mark, it became Asia-Pacific’s No.1 YouTube channel in the kids’ genre. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes and Kids is ranked 87 on the planet, with respect to subscribers, and 22 for opinions.

Well-known Tamil audio composer Chandra bose, began his encounter with YouTube in 2006. Fittingly enough, on Tamil Day 2017, YouTube hosted an occasion and in the presence of 300 creators, awarded Chandra with all the Diamond Play Button.


In 2009, when YouTube started Sharing revenue from its video creators, Chandra obtained a $49 cheque for his channel. Whatever time he can squeeze from the IT services business was spent on YouTube, analyzing trends and watching new videos, after new creators.

Went ahead and hired six more animators and artists to join the team of two. Chandra wanted help with creativity, therefore his friend Krishnan obtained onboard. Krishnan is a CA but I had a good deal of confidence in his creativity. He was the one who wrote the lyrics to the devotional tunes we wrote,” reveals Chandra. Krishnan avid reader and researcher discovered that nursery rhymes are actually sarcastic representations of dark and sad occasions. So, we thought,’ What if we change the nursery rhymes and give them a favorable signature?’ That took the brand to a different degree,” says Chandra.

‘Jack and Jill’ was ChuChu TV’s very first attempt at redefining nursery rhymes. In the video, Jack and Jill come down the mountain, as they’re supposed to. But the rest of it deviates from the script; Krishnan wrote new verses such as – Where there is a will, there is a way; you have to walk all of the ways. Try and try, with your head high, you will triumph faster.’ And Chandra added further visuals: he revealed a dog struggling to reach its bone; an ant lifting a sugar cube, and a bird attempting to reach the water with its beak. The thought went on:’Jack and Jill, having a powerful will, went again up the mountain. The accompanying visuals brought these lines to life.

ChuChu TV New

Click here to enlarge the duo’s efforts did not go unnoticed. NDTV’s site featured them together with the headline:’Jack and Jill 2.0, this is the way nursery rhymes must be. “Parents all over the world started appreciating our efforts.” Chandra recollects. Krishnan subsequently started to unveil additional nursery rhymes and gave each of them a positive twist. Every new video released on ChuChu TV set a new album.

A big part of how ChuChu’s achievement With kids has to do with the characters. They include ChuChu, a little chubby girl (Chandar’s daughter), and Chika, a boy with spiked hair (Chandar’s son). Both of them became a part of a million preschoolers’ lives. One day a remark was submitted in relation to the characters and their fair skin tone that was selected for the animation. Three adorable kittens called’Cutiyans’ followed because Chandar observed that animal-related merchandise that sells more than merchandise modeled on human characters.


Comes to YouTube consumers and a large part of the American YouTube viewer swimming pool is Spanish. We thought of an an’Español’ channel which caters to both Spanish Americans as well as those in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Spain. We had been getting plenty of comments about our Language videos asking us to start a Portuguese channel,” advises Chandra.
ChuChu has partners in America And Spain who translate the lyrics and re-create the exact material that is subsequently uploaded on both Español and Portuguese channels.

And plan to employ a creative team that will report to me personally and Krishnan. That will help us create more information” Chandar shares. ChuChu TV operates from one of the costliest corporate towers in Chennai. Over 200 workers fill out the giant office space, in which people from various age groups operate on different assignments at precisely the same moment.


75 countries and its main market, the US, contributes to over 25 percent of their total viewership. Not too far behind is India which accounts for 18-20 percent. The other nations in the top ten are the Philippines (No.3), Vietnam (No.4 ) ) and the UK (No.5).

Millions of perspectives, many brands reached outside to Chandar and the team for content integration opportunities. But they turned them down even though it meant losing a lot of potential revenue. “We have a no-integration policy.

Chandar informs us that YouTube Revenue has been rising and 2016 has been the best year for them so far. Recently, ChuChu TV filmed an As part of this deal, ChuChu TV content will soon be available on Amazon Prime Video.

The team is now operating on a 13-episode-long series’ChuChu and Friends’ which Chandar plans to grant to a TV channel in India. Apart from generating added earnings, TV can help ChuChu TV construct a sustainable merchandising business. ChuChu TV has already tied up with all Mumbai-based merchandising and licensing giant Dream Theatre. It will be an enormous challenge, but when we want to turn into the Disney of children, we have to achieve this. When it was just India, piracy could have killed us.” declares Chandar.

ChuChu TV is now investing in. Developing more information. Now it is time to scale.


Today in India, the children’ Genre has become a playground for many digital players. But is Chandar concerned?

Last year, over 1,000 channels were launched in the preschool children segment. It didn’t impact our growth at all. I really don’t find these new players coming in as a major challenge for us.” He asserts.

That we need to have a creative team and more funds.” He explains.

With regard to investments, Chandar and the team are interested in a strategic investor. We tried getting Financing six months back and met many people who were curious. But they Didn’t have any understanding about our company and hence, determined against it.” He also added.

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