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How to Download and Install iNDS Emulator on iPhone/iPad iOS 14/15.6 No jailbreak No Computer

iNDS Emulator Download and install – Hello, Friends, we are back with a new and helpful article. In this article we going to show you guys how to install the latest iNDS Emulator and runs from your device No jailbreak No computer this is the latest Nintendo DS emulator that boasts better performance for slightly older devices and also has a speed-up option. let’s just jump straight in all devices supported running iOS 9 through to the latest 9.2 and 9.2.1.

Download and install iNDS Emulator iOS 14/15.6

So in the Description link will bring you here on the main step.

  • All you need to do is Hit Install wait for the pop-up Hit Install again Hit the Home Button and it will start to install wherever you had space on your screen.
  • Okay so once it’s thought we Hit to launch of course it being iOS 9 we need to manually allow access to that we do that by going to Settings General scroll down till you see profiles is if you’re running iOS 9 to 9.1 if you’re running nine 9.2 and above it will say device management there so profiles or device management Hit that and you have to select Shenzhen that one that’s it.
  • Hit Trust one more time Trust again and now you’ll be able to launch the application.
  • So now we going to go into the app store and we want you to search and download zip’ app space free that’s it the green jacket with the zip it downloads absolutely free once that’s downloaded.
  • We’re all set and ready to go so let’s go get the runs okay so in the description just below the iNDS Download you’ll see the Nintendo DS runs link Hit that it will bring you directly here.
  • You can search alphabetically if you scroll it way down you’ve got the most downloaded games and highest rated games if we select Pokemon black to scroll down keep scrolling until you see the name highlighted in orange there it is.
  • And then scroll down one more time and you’ll see the game Hit it and you’ll get your countdown when that countdown is finished just be patient and wait if you see 7-zip dot 7-zip you need to now use our trick if it just says dot zip you can just open it in the Emulator.
  • But it says 7-zip so we open it in our zip app.
  • Press yes to an archive the 7-zip.

Okay so now we’ve got the blue folder now we want you to delete the zip file so we don’t get confused and we want you to hold down on the blue file and compress it again great so now this is compressed into a  .zip and not a .7-zip so now all we need to do is hit the I open it selects the new iNDS red and it should take us to the Emulator and place the room inside it magic so let’s go into settings we going to click and then we going to keep it on auto.

iNDS Emulator Download For iPhone

So we are running a success this should smash this Emulator out of the ballpark. So we going to keep it on auto and you can also have periodic save which is new so it saves every few minutes so you’re always going to be safe. You’ve also got vibration you got control opacity and controller size.

You can also enable Dropbox so your save files go there if you wish. When you’re done we’ll just hit there and then launch the game you will see at the top we’ve got the speed up option. We just have to put the speed up there just go back to one so anyways if you want to save at any point hit the down-facing arrow.

It automatically has it as pause and that’s all you need to do. If I just kill the app right now and we go back into it hit the game and it automatically remembers. of course, as a safe fold just hit the pause and you’re right back exactly where you were. So, guys, thanks to visiting us on


NEW NDS4iOS Download Link Updated & Working 22nd July 2017.

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