Monument Valley 2 On The App Store Free Download For iPhone iOS 13/14/15

Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game app developed and published by one of the famous game developer Ustwo Games. It is the sequel to the 2014 game Monument Valley. It was released for iOS in June 2017 and released for Android in November 2017. Monument Valley 2 is presented in an isometric view. The goal of the game is to guide Ro and her daughter through mazes that include elements of optical illusions and impossible objects. Monument Valley was a critically successful game, achieving more than 30 million downloads by June 2017, which led to growth within Ustwo Games.

Monument Valley 2 On The App Store Free Download For iPhone iOS 13/14/15 ( No Jailbreak No PC ) 2017

The game is available now for $4.99 on iTunes, is a different sort of journey—the journey of a parent and child. Players begin the game controlling a character named Ro, whose daughter literally follows in her footsteps, at least at first. The player can tap on the device screen to move Ro and her child, or to trigger changes in the virtual architecture of the level to allow the puzzle to be completed. As the game progresses the daughter becomes more independent. First, she’s a simple AI that attempts to close the distance between herself and her mother as efficiently as possible. Next, she’s a fully independent character controlled directly by the player.

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Download Monument Valley 2 – Tutu Helper Guide

• The first thing you need to install Tutu Helper on your iOS device.
• For install Tutu Helper on your iOS device, you need to open Safari Browser and search for
• Wait for a while website will get open you will see two option one for the regular version and second for premium.
• You have to Tap into regular version and follow the usual app installation process Tap Install.
• Now come back to home screen and there you will see the Tutu Helper is simulating once it will get complete.
•  Open it, a pop-up will appear about “Untrusted Developer”.
• Come back and open device settings>General>Profile and Device Management.
• There you will see the source file’s you need to search for containing Tutu Helper source once you will find out Tap Trust.
• You have successfully installed Tutu Helper on your iOS device.

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Download Monument Valley 2

Once you have installed Tutu Helper you can download all the paid apps and games for free without jailbreak. And now we are going to install Monument Valley 2 for your iOS device. Please follow steps given below for installing it.

Open newly installed Tutu Helper app and there you will see some welcome process skip it.
• Now you will see all the latest app and games. You have to Tap into the search bar and search for “Monument Valley 2″.
• Once you will see the game app icon you need to Tap into it.
• The game app instruction will be open, where you can read the basic information about the game or any app.
• Read that if you want, and you will see there is an install button you have to Tap on it and install the game.
• And there you go, you have successfully installed the Monument Valley 2.

Note:- whenever you install any app or game from Tutu Helper you must go into Device Settings>General>Profile & Device Management and Trust the app.

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