Popcorn Time iOS is an app to watch movies and TV series directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It offers to stream or download movies, search for a film by title or cast, and also supports subtitles.

Download Popcorn Time iOS without jailbreak and use it for free. If you don’t own a computer then you can try to install the app using a direct web link. If it doesn’t work for you then try the proxy method. We recommend using AltStore as the best and easiest way to install the app on the iPhone. which works also with the latest iOS.

  • How to Install Popcorn Time iOS without a computer
  • What is Popcorn Time iOS?
  • Download IPA
  • How to install Popcorn Time iOS with AltStore
  • Best alternatives for iOS

Install Popcorn Time iOS without a computer

Popcorn Time iOS can be installed on devices running on iOS 13 without a computer. Like all other unofficial apps, Popcorn Time iOS is signed using an enterprise certificate, that can easily get revoked. Always use a proxy to run revoked apps.


Step 1. Open the App on your device.

Step 2. Select Wifi Network.

Step 3. Tap on ⓘ → Configure Proxy → Automatic.

Step 4. Type in the URL field “http://ffapple.com” and then “Save”.

Step 5. Disconnect Wifi and again connect to your Wifi Network.

Step 6. Then clear Safari history cache.

Popcorn Time app was recently removed from all 3rd-party App Stores due to lawsuits against piracy. Panda Helper offers an option to install the app. If the link is not working, then try again in the next 24 hours.

Step 1. Tap on “Install” Popcorn Time iOS from your browser.

Step 2. Popcorn Time iOS app Icon appears on your Home Screen.

Step 3. Navigate to Settings → General → Device Management.

Step 4. Find the installed Enterprise Application Certificate and trust it.

Step 5. Run Popcorn Time iOS App.

Now you can run the App like any other installed app on your iPhone. If the application will not work, then the problem can be related to the certificate revoked by Apple. It means that you need to again install the app to make it work again. Go through all steps straight from the beginning.

What is Popcorn Time iOS App?

Popcorn Time iOS app is a free app that allows you to stream and watch movies, and the latest episodes of popular TV series from your mobile screen. The player aggregate links to torrent files with video. From the main window, you need to access movies and TV series bookmarks.

All video materials are categorized according to the genre, year of publication, title, and popularity. Popcorn Time iOS App can stream downloaded movies or content for offline view. The application is compatible with devices that are running on from iOS 8 to iOS 13.

Download Popcorn Time for iOS without a computer

This video streaming app can automatically download subtitles from the OpenSubtitles platform. From Settings, you can select the language, font size, style, type, color, and encoding format. Moreover, Connect with Trakt account to keep updated with the track of TV shows and movies you like to watch.

Popcorn Time built-in video player offers an option to auto-select the quality of the video from 360p to 1080p. There is an option to provide manually a magnet link for a BitTorrent movie. If you own an AppleTV then you would be happy to know that the app supports streaming to AirPlay and Bluetooth devices.

Every show and movie description comes with basic information about the film including genre, rating, cast, quality, run time, year of release, rating, cast and crew, links of the trailer if available, cover, etc. Related titles are also included on the tab allowing you to discover new movies and Tv shows.

Download IPA

IPA v3.2

IPA v2.1

Also, Check:- Netflix ++ iPA Download and Install

Install Popcorn Time iOS App from AltStore

AltStore can activate a maximum of three apps on your device using the free certificate. After installing apps, Every seven days, you need to resign from apps and sent them to the AltServer (running on PC or Mac), through which installs the resigned apps back to your device using iTunes WiFi sync (works also using a USB cable).

Step 1. Firstly download AltStore and install the app on your device.

Or use any Cydia Impactor alternative for Windows or macOS.

Step 2. Open Safari and download Popcorn Time iOS IPA (42 MB) v3.2.35 or v1.0.7 (24 MB).

Version 2.1 offers a simpler interface.

Step 3. Launch AltStore and navigate to the “My Apps” section.

Step 4. Tap on the + button available from the left-right corner.

Step 5. Select downloaded Popcorn Time.IPA file to install the app.

Step 6. AltStore will start the installation of the Popcorn Time iOS App.

Step 7. The Popcorn Time app will be available on your home screen.

For the prevention of apps from expiring, AltStore can refresh apps in the background while using the same WiFi network. The installed application will be not revoked in the least expected moments thanks to manual installation using our free Apple certificate. Remember that your computer must be on for IPAs.

Best alternatives for iOS

1. MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD is the best alternative for the Popcorn Time iOS app packed with a lot of unique features that allow you to play movies on a mobile device or TV. This app supports DLNA receivers and AirPlay offered by Apple TV. All titles come with trailers, download, and play options, and Privileged users have special access to soundtracks.

2. ToonsNow

ToonsNow is an amazing Popcorn Time alternative with a catalog of cartoons, anime movies, and TV series featuring a total of over 13500+ videos and increasing. This app supports Standard player to play MP4 or MOV files, as well as VLC player for MKV, AVI file formats that are compatible with AirPlay.

3. MovieBox

MovieBox is a successor of Showbox that offers a lot of best features including an option to read news related to the movie industry, watch upcoming movie trailers, add TV Shows and movies to your favorites, play movies, and TV shows, and also follow new releases of favorite shows.

4. ZiniTevi

ZiniTevi is a movie app that offers access to your favorite videos and TV shows on your iOS device for free. Through this app, you will get full support for AirPlay which allows you to cast videos directly to any device connected to Apple TV. Farmhouse for sale in Ujjain Indore road. You can cast videos to DLNA devices, or Google Chromecast.

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