Start Your Blog In 7 Easy Steps

In today’s world, starting a blog is the main motto of every person. but, do you know, how you can do that? before, answering this simple question, let us know the following topics to Start Your Blog In 7 Easy Steps.

What is a blog?

A blog is the main asset of every person and the dream of every student/creative thinker. the blog is something, which will give you a perfect base to show your knowledge and to generate some reputation in the market of what needs you are and generate some revenue.

By blogging, you can target any needs such as technology, health, life skills, facts, etc. you can do blogging on any topic. let it be on app download, or on showing your knowledge about photography, etc. but, again one more question comes to every person’s mind.

Start Your Blog In 7 Easy Steps

How my blog will be successful?

The answer to this is very simple: you need to follow our checklist and steps, which can help you generate a good amount of reputation and increase your revenue by starting your blog.

Here we go!

7 easy steps by which, you can make your blog a successful blog

Now, we are going to tell you about the 7 most important steps by which, you can make your blog successful among all of your competitors. that is not the thing, but, you will be knowing the base behind the starting of the blog. when to start and how to take your blog forward.

Step 1 – Select a perfect niche.

Niche is very important for a blogger. Before starting the blog, you need to know about your topic that, about what you need to write the blog on. and, you must also know how many competitors are there in your niche when you are starting blogging. we recommend, take the time and select the perfect niche by which, you must be the first blogger. if you do this, you will be among 1 to survive for the next 5+ years in the market of that niche.

Step2 – buy a perfect domain and go for quality hosting.

A perfect domain is the foundation of your online presence if you are starting a blog, you must be knowing about your domain. we will list some important notes/points by which, you can decide your domain:

  • Put the keyword in the topic.

For example, if you are going to start a blog on the topic of making pizza, you must take a domain something like

  • Do not include dashes(-) or numbers in the domain name.

When you buy the domain, do not buy the domain according to the domain suggestion tool. because these tools are not enough to show you the perfect domain.

  • Select a .com domain if possible.

When moving for a blog, you must be thinking to target the domain worldwide. and, when you are thinking about this, you must go for the .com domain. because it is easy to remember, and it is a very popular extension. thirdly, it is very best for ranking factors.

Now, you must be having one more question in your mind.

I wanted to start a blog, and, I wanted to buy the best domain.

How I shall do that?

The answer to this is very simple. But, wait, wait. we are not going to tell it now. just let us move forward on other topics, which are:

Which hosting to choose for my blog?

Web hosting is like renting a space on earth. in the same way, you rent the amount of space on the internet, for putting your website online.

As you put the nameplate in front of your house, in the same way, you register your domain name to show your website so that, people can ring the bell on google by typing a URL and enter into your beautiful online blog which is your super fast blog. and, that is possible by just powerful web hosting. from where you can get this web hosting and domain name?

It’s, 1Only Host. they are giving web hosting, for bloggers, starting at just RS600 or $9.91, for 1 year. is it not amazing? yes, it is! and, for domain name suggestions, the answer, for which you were waiting, is heard!
just call 1Only Host Tech Support, and book a small-time google meet session with their team online, of 15 Minutes, by paying some consulting fees, and, you will get the best domain name suggestion as well!

They are not just a web hosting company. Their web hosting is valuable for the following things.

  1. They give a free SSL certificate.
  2. Offer Free Website Builder in their Basic Plan as well.
  3. They offer Free of cost many CMS Installation using 300+ apps auto-installer.
  4. Servers are Protected by AI-Based Security systems.
  5. They offer 24/7 Customer Support.
  6. They offer you no questions asked 7 days of Money Back Support which is Great!

Step3 – Create your blog

Now, there is simple CMS to create a blog which is WordPress.
WordPress is great system/CMS for bloggers because it is:

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Easy to Setup
  3. Open Source
  4. Blog setup is possible within an hour.

Step4 – Setup Analytics

As you have created the blog, now, is time to set up analytics. you can use the google analytics plugin in WordPress, or you can use the Sitekit plugin by google to set up analytics. this is very easy to set up because you are using WordPress.

Step5 – Configure Search Console

As you have bought your domain name and web hosting, set up a blog site, configured analytics, and now, configure Search Console. this is used to show your Articles/Blogs in Google Search.

Step6 – Publish your First Post

Now, as you have done everything, it is time to publish a post on your site. as you have selected your quality niche, created a site, set up everything, and now, it is your time to rock on! and publish your first post on your blog.

Step7 – Apply for Google Adsense

As you have published your posts, and, it has been 30 days+ maybe after starting your blog. and, now, it is time to get you to earn something. now, you need to apply for Google Adsense and start earning.


People think it is a hard thing to start a blog. but it is not. hope you got a lot of info in this article.
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