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TweakBox there is an application in which nearly all Apple device users should use, which is TweakBox. The most searched questions often asked by users of Google is what exactly TweakBox is. What this app does, and how it can be used for iOS devices. Well, in this article, we will try and give the answer to all of your questions once and for all.

We have also hosted the TweakBox IPA file, and it’s the safest one, for you. You will be able to download and install it from our IPA page.


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So, what is TweakBox? Now, you may have noticed that whenever you download and install applications on your iOS devices, there are certain restrictions made by the developers of the iOS applications. You can’t make changes to some features of the applications, even if you would want to change.

TewakBox for Android, iOS

You can’t change the properties of the applications as you do not have the necessary permissions by Apple. Even if you have the technical know-how. Also, some paid features of many apps, which can only be accessed or unlocked after you pay a sum of amount, are not reachable. This is where the need for tweaking your iOS device comes in and alongside it comes the TweakBox application.

Simply put, the TweakBox app is an application installer that works on any iOS-enable device without the need to jailbreak your device. This last part is where all the important lies. Generally, anyone who uses an Apple iOS device also knows what jailbreaking is.

It’s is a process to unlock software restrictions that have been imposed by Apple on the iOS and the tvOS. Jailbreaking uses a series of kernel patches and allows root access to iOS. This allows the downloading + installation of other applications, extensions, as well as themes. That is officially unavailable through Apple’s official App Store.

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TweakBox Features

TweakBox – Best features  

  • Does not require jailbreak: You do not need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to use the application on your iPhone/iPad which makes it easier for every user to make full access to the app store.
  • Easy to Use: It has one of the cleanest, simple and best user interfaces in any similar application and it allows you to download and install it quickly on your iDevice, download any desired apps or games without having to read instructions.
  • Free: It’s is absolutely free of cost, you can download and install the TweakBox app for free and download any desired app or games for free.

Tweakbox App categories.

  1. Flash Apps: the apps that are not available in any official App Store
  2. App Store Apps: get most of the paid applications on official app stores for free
  3. TweakBox Apps: You can get free Emulators, Games, Screen Recorders, Music apps, Movie Apps and so on
  4. Tweaked Apps: get your favorite apps such as snapchat++ and Instagram++ and games
  5. customized to function according to your needs.

How to Download TweakBox for iOS?

TweakBox App Download for iOS

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device and Visit the link for Download TweakBox for iPhone/iPad. Link –
  2. Then, Tap on “Install” twice when you will see the download dialogue box.
  3. After the installation will be finished, Go to the device the Settings >> Navigate to General settings >> Profiles & Device Management >> TweakBox >> “Trust this app”.
  4. Now you can open it once the installation is completed and download any apps or games for your iOS device that you love to install.

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