Which color iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus should you buy | Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold or Silver?

Earlier generations of the iPhone had been best to be had in two colors, white and black, making it effortless to pick your favorite hue. Starting with the iPhone 5s, Apple expanded its color choices by means of introducing a 3rd color — gold. Now with the iPhone 6s, the Apple company is adding a new color — rose gold — an option that first appeared with the Apple Watch. This new rose gold option is just like the present gold models, maintaining the equal white front face and changing the champagne gold casing on the back with a subtle, rose-colored housing. Each the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are on hand in all 4 color options, so which one are you going to select? Read on for some useful tips to help you decide.

Gold is like licorice — some people hate it at the same time others like it. One factor is for definite — Apple has achieved an exceptional job with the gold color choice. It’s now not a cheesy color of gold and is toward champagne in hue than a golden yellow. The gold back plate is complemented by using a white-colored front plate and white bands across them again. It stands out from the traditional space grey and silver choices, which most of the time are spotted in the wild. For the reason that it’s a white mobile phone with gold accents, this color choice may hide scratches better than its black counterpart, however, it additionally will show extra dust and filth. If you go along with this model, get an excellent lint-free cleaning cloth so that you would be able to clean the cell without scratching it.

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All New Rose Gold | iPhone 6s and

iPhone 6s Plus

Starting with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the Rose Gold option brings an enjoyable new shade of gold to the iPhone lineup. Paired with a white-colored front face plate and matching bands on the back, the Rose gold backplate looks stylish. Just like the gold iPhone, the Rose Gold model will turn heads while you use it in public. Just watch out how you use it as the white coloring tends to spotlight the grime and dirt more than the dark-colored casing of the space grey model. The rose gold color is most of the time the only way for someone to figure out you’re rocking the latest iPhone.

Silver | iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Apple made sweeping changes to its iPhone lineup when it presented its gold iPhone 5s. Together with the gold color model, Apple also changed the name of the previous black iPhone to space gray color and re-branded its white iPhone model with the matching name of silver. Just like the gold version, the silver iPhone has a white-colored front plate and light grey bands across them again. The backplate is a silver colored anodized aluminum that’s lighter in hue than the space gray model. Once more considering that it’s a white phone, it’ll doubtless disguise any superficial scratches, however, exhibit off the dust.

Space gray | iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

the gap grey color iPhone keeps the tri-toned coloring of previous models, mixing a grey anodized aluminum backplate with a black front and dark gray bands across the back. It’s a smooth coloring that looks quality always. The dark color also helps to cover the dust, though it should exhibit off scratches just a little more than its white counterpart. It also is perfect for watching movies, which appear satisfactory towards the darkish borders of the mobile.
Which color will you decide upon?

Color option is so subjective that there’s no perfect one that’s better than the other. Seem on the variety of colors and decide upon the one that fine fits your style. Effortlessly make your choice and don’t look back. In the event you get tired of the shade you chose, you always can add a case to vary its appearance down the road. Are you planning on purchasing an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus? Which color will you buy? Tell us within the feedback.

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