How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4

Are you looking for how to jailbreak Apple TV? Here, We are showing how to jailbreak Apple TV 4 is here and we’re finally going to be able to jailbreak it and this is due because Apple TV just released the fourth version of their Apple TVs and every time they do that.

The previous version becomes available for a jailbreak. If you have an Apple TV 3 or an Apple TV 4 then it is really simple just move over to Settings then Click on General and then on the About Tab.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4

The only difference is the resolution where you see in the middle there TV resolution the Apple TV 4 has 1080p HD as opposed to 720p HD that the Apple TV to have now.let me just go back for a second and show you that these Apple TV 4 is actually Not jailbroken adult if we go down to the bottom we don’t see XBMC or Kodi installed on this machine whatsoever.

So you just have to into your computer and perform that task.

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Now once you come on your computer the first thing you have to do is install mobile market for iOS for Mac it doesn’t matter if you do these on a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer it works the same way.

I have the Android version right here of mobile market and this one is the version for iOS all right you should sting stole that you plug in your Apple TV 4 to the computer the mobile market is going to recognize it automatically then you’re going to get a pop-up window just like these.

And as you can see these are the applications that I have installed in it including Cody alright so all you have to do basically is go to install and then look for Cody because this is what you want to do when we jailbreak well the Apple TV 4 so you look for the Kodi APK.

Then you simply you will get the option of Kodi helix 15 point O or Gotham fourteen point two, in this case, I’m still using on this Apple TV three Gotham 13.2 that’s what we have installed.

So simply you click it this connect install automatically here and then once we go back to the TV and now back at the TV. I can show you that we have just installed XBMC Kodi on this machine.

It’s just open it up and here we have Cody there you go, guys, now you know how to jailbreak your Apple TV.

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