iFunbox Download on iOS 14/15.6 File & App Management Tool For iPhone/iPad/iPod Free

iFunbox Download on iOS 14/15.6 – It is the ideal opportunity for iOS devotees to celebrate as today we will acquaint all of you with the most well known third-party app manager for iOS. The iFunbox tool has been around for a long while now as I for one have been using the tool from 2013. I got some answers concerning the iFunbox device when I was testing around with jailbreak on my quite dusty iPad 2 at the time and discovered that I could at still using it for some decent gaming and include out a couple of custom tweaks to them.

iFunbox Download on iOS 14/15.6 File & App Management Tool For iPhone/iPad/iPod Free

As of now the games like Fifa were paid and did not enable users to download the full version of the application directly however with a simple tweak of the in-app values, you could unlock the full version of the app for your usages. This is the thing that iFunbox software truly does. On the off chance that you are looking forward to downloading some tweaked iPA files on your device then you can install them pretty effortlessly using the iFunbox application. iFunbox has changed a lot from the year 2013 and has numerous new version added to its name with the goal that people can get more usages out of their applications.

On the off chance that you as of now have a jailbreak installed on your iOS device then the iFunbox tweak can be of awesome help for you as it can provide you with awesome insights to all your applications that are as of now installed on it. iFunbox is a product that enables users to have a brief inside preview to the applications that are presented on your iOS devices. You can just add or remove documents from inside your applications. You can likewise effortlessly edit iPA files using the iFunbox service as it enables users access to the files within your applications. iFunbox is a definitive non-jailbreak solution of the well-known jailbreak application known as iFile. Read – Playbox HD Pgyer for iOS 14/15.6 Without Jailbreak [100% Working]

iFunbox : Features (iOS 14/15.6 )

iFunbox enables you to browse through the files on your iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and furthermore iPod touch. You can much easily explore the file simply like you would do on Windows or Mac based PC. From the iFunbox application, you can fetch files and folders easily just by connecting your iOS device to your PC. The detailed features of the iFunbox application are given below

  • Easy navigation, upload and in addition a download of files from and to your iDevice.
  • The quick preview of files and folder on your iDevice.
  • Delete, rename and preview files on your device.
  • Easily supports every iDevice out there with any iOS version on iFunbox.

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iFunbox Download & Install (Step by Step)

If you are looking forward to downloading the application, then simply just follow along with the given below simple steps

  • Firstly you need to open up the browser on your windows or Mac device.
  • Now you have to open up this link – https://goo.gl/N2DDbB
  • Download the version of iFunbox that you like.
  • Then Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac device and you should be good to go.

iFunbox is one of the greatest file and app management tool for iOS 14/15.6 devices.

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