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AppCake no jailbreak iOS 14/15.6 Download and install

AppCake repo: – Hello, what’s going on everyone this is I reviews back with another article and today I will show you guys how you can install AppCake repo on your iOS 14/15.6 device. of course, to install AppCake repo you will need to install absolutely unified on your Apple iOS 14/15.6 devices.

AppCake repo – you probably know that absent certified has been a real problem on iOS than it has been sending people to boot loop and making them lose their jailbreaks and all that crazy stuff but finally it has been updated and now it works on iOS 14/15.6. so the installed apps and unified.

How to Install AppCake repo no jailbreak

There are two installation process if you want to download AppCake repo and install it on the iPhone or iPad. You can go with the way what you require to get it…

  • The first is for those users who have “Jailbroken iPhone or iPad”
  • Make sure friends that your device has Cydia installer installed.
  • “AppSync” – this is must have the app that you would have to install if you want to get AppCake on your iPhone or iPad. The requirements given upside are the must.
  • You need to Open Cydia app and click on Sources link from the bottom. And search for it
  • Then you will see the list of the app you just have to Tap on AppCake and install it.
  •  And then Open Safari browser and visit the link and download AppCake and Install it.

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AppCake repo no jailbreak iOS 14/15.6 Download and install

What you need to do is you just have to open Cydia App on your device and add a repo which you will find in the description of the article.

appcake repo
AppCake repo

Once you add that (Appcake repo iOS 14/15.6) you have to go ahead and install absent unified version 6.0 beta 1. For install, the Beta version 6.0 Beta 1 visit the link [ ] make sure you install this exact version this is the version that works on iOS 14/15.6 so 6.0 beta 1.

Appcake repo – you make sure you install it from the repo down below in the description link [] once you have done that you will need to do add another repo and then on that repo, you will find AppCake so go ahead and install AppCake from Cydia.

Then you will have it on your home screen so here’s the icon of AppCake so this is AppCake. AppCake is a pretty cool application that allows you to install games and apps on your iOS 14/15.6 device. So here is the home screen of AppCake.

On AppCake for iOS, we have some featured games and apps, we have top apps and top games, featured collections charts categories and stuff like that thing of these apps is pretty simple. For download, any app or game from AppCake repo all you have to do is just Tap to download them.

So let we show you in the image and how to download an app or a game in AppCake you just have to find a smaller one and click there On Download Button and it will start downloading.

appcake ipad

In AppCake repo you have games and here you have many so if you go here you will have your downloading so here are the apps or games that you are downloading here are the updates you will see the updates right here and then the downloaded the completed downloads will be shown right here.

So let’s just wait for this download to complete and I will show you guys how you can proceed next with the installation of these games and apps so the download has finished and you can see your downloaded apps moved to the downloaded section.

Here is the app which is being installed right now so once it’s done it will automatically start installing the app on your device. of course you can turn off that feature by going to the settings.

appcake tweaks

Here the settings of AppCake repo you can have that turned off or you can change any other settings of AppCake. So you can see the installation has finished and here is the app on my device I can get it up and run here on my iOS and device. So AppCake finally can be installed on ios stand.

Absent unified has finally been updated to work with iOS 14/15.6 so that’s it, guys. For this article go ahead and leave a comment and also follow us on our social media and also don’t forget to visit our official website for more latest Hacks and Tricks for your iPhone/iPad.

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How To Install AppCake And AppSync Unified On iOS 14/15.6

AppSync Unified repo:

Make sure you install version 6.0 b1 AppCake repo:

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