Viber++ iPA iOS 14/15.6 Download And Install Without Jailbreak

Viber++ iPA iOS 14/15.6 – Viber is an outstanding and a standout amongst the most famous web-based social networking applications that are available for any platform in this day and age brimming with innovation. People all around the globe have loved the messaging and sharing application for a significantly long time. This has brought about millions of terms its downloads along these lines providing viber with a tremendous user base. There are numerous social networking applications like Viber and this has led the developers to buckle down for their application to make it a tremendous marvel so users download it.


Today we will be discussing a tweak for the original Viber application that will improve you’re downloading even so you can message every one of your loved ones effortlessly. The tweak goes by the name of viber++ iPA and people have been utilizing it for a significantly long time now. Viber++ is an application made to improve your viber messaging experience. There are sure highlights that you would not get even with the original app but rather today we will enable you to get them right on your iOS devices.

Viber++ iPA iOS 14/15.6 Download And Install Without Jailbreak

With the original application you don’t gain full control of the application yet with Viber++ iPA you approach even the most minor and smallest of details of the messages that you will send. At present, the Viber++ tweak is accessible to just the people who have a jailbreak installed on their iOS devices. This is exclusively in light of the fact that the tweak requires root access to the file of the application so you can get full control over them. Probably the most stunning uses of this app would be talked about later on in here this article.

Viber++ iPA – Features iOS 14/15.6

There are numerous users of the application as we have boasted about already, yet there are some that you ought to be totally aware of –
  • Toggling your last online stats – You can change who can see your last online time, You can do this flip whenever without waiting for the app to reset itself for 24 hours.
  • Disabling read receipts – you can disable the app’s settings to show the other person in the event that you’ve read a message or not on Viber++ iPA.
  • The tweak additionally enables you to disable the message of typing.
  •  Disable Viber’s access to your location and sending it to the friends and people you chat with.
  • Disable delivery or receiving of messages from somebody.

Viber++ iPA – Steps to Download (Guide)

As specified before, so as to get this Viber++ iPA tweak you need a jailbreak installed on your device. In the event that you don’t have jailbreak then it is suggested that you get it done easily do it yourself and then follow these steps given below –
  • Firstly, open up Cydia.
  • Search for the Viber++ tweak or visit this link –
  • You’ll need the unlimapps Repo to have the capacity to download this application.
  • Download the Viber++ iPA, application and restart springboard.

The above method will get you Viber++ iPA or Tweak effectively.

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