Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Download for Windows and Mac PC


Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Download Best Screen Recording Software for Windows and Mac PC 

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro is around quite a while and its one of the best screen recording software for your Windows or Mac PC. This screen recorder is very reliable and powerful app which allow you to record your PC screen or capture some of your PC screenshot. We can use this app as a pro tool like for educational, personal or presentation purposes. There is also a lot of screen recorder app available for the record your PC screen but icecream screen recorder app is top of them all.
Icecream Screen Recorder Pro

If you work with icecream screen recorder you can easily select the specific areas of your PC screen and then record all the stuff on PC or just take a screenshot of them. A lot of features comes with this screen recorder like resizing selected areas easily or deselect and start back. If you want to capture screenshot during recording any video at same time. You can directly save recordings in you your device storage and also can share all that on sharing platforms like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. you can attach a URLs with recorded video or screenshot which will help you to spread your activity more easily. 

Now friends if you are ready to get icecream screen recorder pro for windows or Mac so keep reading this important information. So now we need to know about the features of icecream screen recorder pro. 


The feature of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 



  • The best thing is about Icecream screen recorder its very easy to use because the user interface is quite well then other apps. 
  • You can install it both versions ( Windows and Mac ) 
  • It allows you to take the screenshot as well. 
  • You can select and adjust the area of your PC screen. 
  • Save directly all the activity on-device storage. 
  • Share recordings on social media. 
  • You can save this offline, no need to connect to wifi or internet. 
  • Compatibility device version ( 32 Bit and 64 Bit ) 

Download iCecream Recorder Pro For Windows And Mac For Free 

Before you go further you need to know about system requirements for Download this screen recorder for your windows or Mac. 


  • You need a Windows PC or Mac 
  • Memory (RAM)- 2 GB 
  • Hard Disk Space Required – 500 MB free 
Now you are ready to download and install icecream screen recorder for Windows or Mac. You just need to open up this links on your browser and tap on the download button. After complete downloading install it and enjoy screen recording. 
Windows PC – 
MAC – 
We hope you have successfully installed icecream screen recorder for Windows and Mac for free. Keep reading


How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 3 

Are you looking for how to jailbreak Apple TV? Here, We are showing how to jailbreak Apple TV 3 is here and we’re finally going to be able to jailbreak it and this is due because Apple TV just released the fourth version of their Apple TVs and every time they do that. The previous version becomes available for a jailbreak.If you have an Apple TV 2 or an Apple TV 3 then it is really simple just move over to Settings then Click on General and then on the About Tab.The only difference is the resolution where you see in the middle there TV resolution the Apple TV 3 has 1080p HD as opposed to 720p HD that the Apple TV to have now.let me just go back for a second and show you that these Apple TV 3 is actually Not jailbroken adult if we go down to the bottom we don’t see XBMC or Kodi installed on this machine whatsoever.

So you just have to into your computer and perform that task.

Now once you come on your computer the first thing you have to do is install mobile market for iOS for Mac it doesn’t matter if you do these on a Windows PC or a Macintosh computer it works the same way.

I have the Android version right here of mobile market and this one is the version for iOS all right you should sting stole that you plug in your apple TV 3 to the computer the mobile market is going to recognize it automatically then you’re going to get a pop-up window just like these.

And as you can see these are the applications that I have installed in it including Cody alright so all you have to do basically is go to install and then look for Cody because this is what you want to do when we jailbreak well the Apple TV 3 so you look for the Kodi APK.

Then you simply you will get the option of Kodi helix 15 point O or Gotham fourteen point two, in this case, I’m still using on this Apple TV three Gotham 13.2 that’s what we have installed.

So simply you click it this connect install automatically here and then once we go back to the TV and now back at the TV. I can show you that we have just installed XBMC Kodi on this machine.

It’s just open it up and here we have Cody there you go, guys, now you know how to jailbreak your Apple TV.

Thanks for reading the article now you can enjoy the jailbroken Apple TV 3. For more information stay connected with us on For any queries or have any problem about jailbreaking your any iDevice you can comment on the comment box.

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EveryCord – iRec Screen Recorder iOS 10/11 No Jailbreak, No PC ( iPhone/iPad/iPod 2018 )


EveryCord – iRec Screen Recorder iOS 10/11 iPhone/iPad/iPod 2018 ( Latest Update Version ) 

iRec Screen Recorder ( EveryCord ) – is one of those applications that have been around for a long time and people just love this one. With a number of features that are going to help to make iOS screen recording process more easy for all users. The iRec Screen Recorder is not just designed for record screen but it also provides some awesome features which should get in hands. 


iRec Screen Recorder not just going to help you record your device screen but also what you speak as well record and makes recording easier. Also, it would record audio sources which you play on your iOS device as well as the iPod touch. We were thinking a lot about this feature in iOS 10, but yet once more we have been denied this feature already inbuilt in the iOS version but here we won’t stop as we will get our own screen recorder off the backs and getting down with it and record a few recordings in the devices as of now. 

Before we show you how we will go ahead and get this tweak in hands, we just going to introduce you to some of the awesome features that come with iRec Screen Recorder App and how you use them. It isn’t exactly simple to find an all in one application that is going to solve all your issue of screen recording. 

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The iRec screen recorder has been around for iOS version 10 and it’s not going to get old anytime as soon, that’s why this is one of the best you can get for free of cost. If we talk about the quality, it’s really great and you can do anything with this recorder. iRec Screen Recorder App also allows you to record the gameplay of your smartphone as well so that you can get the option to share it on social media and other platforms to help people complete a mission and also get going with the best ever sharing way of your recordings that is to upload screen recordings to your YouTube account. 

Features of iRec Screen Recorder 

iRec Screen Recorder App is one of the best apps for the record your iOS device screen let’s check some of the awesome features of the app. 

  • You will not face that all annoying ads which enforce you to click on them. 
  • There is no limit to record the video for a limited time and save to your recording library. 
  • The best way to record screen on your iOS device. 
  • These were some of the best features of iRec Screen Recorder App



iRec Screen Recorder For iPhone/iPad/iPod Download And Install 

In order to get this application, you would be required to have an iOS device with you along with an active internet connection so that you can download and install the application from the internet and also a PC or a Mac with Cydia impactor in it so that you can install the downloaded IPA file for iRec Screen Recorder App. And you also need to follow the process given below. 

  • First, you need a PC or Mac and visit a website Link – 
  • Now you have to download the iRec IPA file from here and then open the Cydia impactor app on your Mac or PC. 
  • Then connect your iPhone/iPad or iPod touch and then install the IPA using Cydia impactor



You have done all with it now you can record your iOS device screen with iRec Screen Recorder.

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Snap Tube For iPhone Download & Install iOS 11/10 Without Jailbreak

Snap Tube For iPhone Download & Install iOS 11/10 Without Jailbreak 

SnapTube For iPhone – whenever we want to watch any latest entertainment video on the internet we always tap on YouTube. YouTube is world’s best platform for streaming video’s and also it’s very easy to use on any device like smartphone or PC. YouTube is world’s most visited website with a number of videos and every second million of videos uploaded by peoples on YouTube so every time when you open it you will see something new and That’s why people love to spend their time on YouTube. YouTube streams video excellently but it needs a good internet connection. 

Snap Tube For iPhone Download & Install iOS 11/10 Without Jailbreak

We don’t always have got a reliable internet connection to stream videos on YouTube or at any site online. So what should we do it? There is the only option left is to download that video to our smartphone and after download that videos they available offline. Then you can watch videos the anytime and anywhere without need connect your smartphone to the internet. But how? YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos. 

SnapTube is an app that allows you to download your favorite YouTube video’s in your desire quality and you don’t need to pay for it. This app is one of the most trending app as a YouTube video downloader for Android and iOS. You can use it very easily without any user interface massive process. The application is constantly being improved by the developers of SnapTube. So let’s get know about futures of SnapTube. 

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Features of Snap Tube For iPhone 

SnapTube has a lot of amazing features that makes itself more different and user-friendly for their users. So let’s take a look at features of the app. 

  • Supports almost all the popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. 
  • The user can easily search their favorite videos and can play and download. 
  • The app has no ads, unlike other YouTube downloader app. 
  • The app works very faster during download any video and gives amazing features. 
  • One can smoothly use the app with a nice user interface. 
  • The app supports a number of languages including English. 
  • You can perform multiple tasks with background option. So you can download videos and also perform another task at the same time. 
  • Video streaming player inside the app is very fast and works great so you can use it as a YouTube alternative. 
  • You can watch videos in high HD and low both types of quality. 
  • The user can share any video on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Not only this features you get much more new and advanced features when you will use the app. 

Download Snap Tube For iPhone 

  • First, open Tutu Helper 
  • Now search for SnapTube in the search bar. 
  • Then Download the app and install it. 
  • You have done all with it. Now you can enjoy downloading videos. 

We hope that you have successfully installed the app and you are enjoying it. If you have any issue at any point you can leave a comment in comment box.

Flekstore Download And Install For iOS 10/11 iPhone/iPad/iPod ( Without Jailbreak )

Flekstore Download And Install For iOS 10/11 iPhone/iPad/iPod ( Without Jailbreak ) 

FlekStore – If you are an iOS device user so there is no doubt you always need to update your device. Apple continues works on their operating system and provides to their users a great experience with their services but if you have jailbroken the device and you are a Cydia user you will lose all your tweaks to your device on every time when you update. So what should you do now? You don’t need to worry about that. Now you need a something more advanced tweak for customizing your iDevice’s. Recently a new tweak “FlekStore” launched in internet market and this tweak is day by day getting more famous and the best this is about “FlekStore” you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Flekstore Download And Install

Now we will give you a brief explanation about FlekStore. It’s a third party enterprise, which will allow you to download install IPA files. FlekStore is the latest tweak on the internet and with FlikStore you can get your favorite app’s and games like GTA San- Andreas, Super Mario, Pokemon-Go and all the Emulator’s like Delta Emulator, iNDS Emulator and all the ++Tweaks for customizing your iDevice. The FlekStore developer always work’s on that and that’s why you get all the latest paid apps for free. Yes, friends, you don’t need to pay a single dollar for install your favorite tweaks. 

There is a number of tweaks which allow you to download and install tweaks on iOS devices but according to us, FlekStore is one of the best for you if you don’t have jailbroken device and never want to lose your device warranty. FlekStore is working on all the iOS device versions so you don’t need to worry about your device version and if you want to install alternatives like Cydia, iNocydia, Appvalley, AppiShare etc. alternatives so FlekStore has a simple option where you can directly install them without any PC or Jailbreak. 

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Best Features of FlekStore 

FlekStore is a great option for modifying your iDevice and after installing it you will definitely forget all other option for download and install apps for your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Here is the list of the feature of FlekStore lets check. 

  • You don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device for install this tweak. No matter you have a jailbroken device or not. It’s available for both. 
  • FlekStore has a million’s of app’s and games for you and it’s always updated for their users and gives the best service them. 
  • You can download all the latest app’s and games which are newly launched in the market. 
  • You don’t need to pay for the download and install App’s and games. It’s totally free
  • The user interface is very easy anyone can use it without stuck in any installing steps. 
  • It supports all the iOS version including latest iOS 11 and so on. 

Download And Install “FlekStore” With Easy Guide. 

  • First this you need to Open Safari Browser on your device and open up this link – 
  • Now you will see the Download Button you have to Tap on it
  • Now you will be redirected to settings on upside left Tap Install Button. And install profile. 
  • Now you will get two times more install button twice so Tap on Install Button. 
  • Then a FlekStore page will be open and you will see Build Profile Tap on it. 
  • And again you will get install option two time’s so Tap on that install options. 
  • Once you have done installation you have done all with it. Now come back to home screen. 
  • Now open FlekStore and wait for a while and then it will ask for a nickname so type what you want to give a nickname. 
  • You have done all with it and now download your favorite tweaks and enjoy with FlekStore. 

We hope you have successfully installed FlekStore and enjoying all the latest tweaks in your device. For more articles about iPhone/iPad/iPod or Apple News stay connected with us on and follow us on Facebook – iosbuckets.

PPSSPP – PSP emulator For iOS 11, 10 No Jailbreak iPhone/iPad iPA Download And Install

PPSSPP – PSP emulator For iOS 11, 10 Without Jailbreak iPhone and iPad 

PPSSPP – PSP emulator – Hello, friends, do you want to get free portable PlayStation player to your iDevice? In this article, we will guide you to download and install PPSSPP – PSP emulator for iOS 10/11 iPhone/iPad and iPod. To install this Emulator does not require any jailbroken iPhone or iOS device. 

PPSSPP - PSP emulator

On the off chance that you know about PSP emulator, you may know very well about how PSSPP emulator important for games playing. This is one of the best options for who really don’t want to have to invest in that legacy hardware, at that point this is definitely the emulation experience that you need. Play your PlayStation games in HD quality, from your iPhone/iPad/iPod, on iOS 10/11. 

This is the most recent version form of PPSSPP – PSP emulator for iOS 11 which great with Apple’s 64-bit devices running iOS 11. This PSP emulation experience brings awesome features like HD gameplay, tablet access with customizable on-screen controls for a personalized experience and ability to save and restore game data at any time during play game. This is the thing you would expect from nowadays emulation experience. 

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How to install PPSSPP – PSP emulator For iOS 11, 10 without jailbreak 

  • For install PSP Emulator for iOS 11 to your iPhone/iPad or iPod, you need to download and install IPA file to your PC or Mac. Download PPSSPP IPA from here. 
  • We hope you have PPSSPP IPA file on your PC or Mac., For install PPSSPP app to your iDevice, you have to sideload IPA file. You can use two type of option to sideload protube++ IPA file. You can try one of below ways to get it done. 
  1. Sideload iOS Apps Without Jailbreak Using Xcode 7 To iPhone and iPad 
  2. Sideload iOS Apps On Windows, Mac With Cydia Impactor Without Jailbreak Step 
  • Now you have successfully installed PPSSPP IPA file in your iDevice. Now you have to do the device that it is a trusted installation and that it should be allowed to execute like any other app. To do it, you have to go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. On some iDevices, this could call Device Management. 
  • Now you can locate the profile which has been installed with the ProTube++ app on your device. You need to Tap on this and then tap into Trust button. This will trust the app on your iDevice. 
  • Now you are done with it. You just need to go to home screen and tap on PPSSPP -PSP emulator icon app. Now you can Enjoy with PPSSPP PlayStation on your iOS device. 

How to install PPSSPP – PSP emulator For iOS 11, 10 with jailbreak 

If you have got a jailbroken iOS device, You can try below method to Download and install PPSSPP for iDevice. This method works for iOS Version 6.0 or above (it requires a jailbroken iOS device) 

Method 1: 

  • First, you need to add the PPSSPP Cydia/APT Repo 
  • Now Open Cydia, and go to the Manage tab 
  • Then Tap on “Sources“ 
  • Now Tap on Edit, and then Add. 
  • Now Enter this URL: 

Method 2 : 

  • First, you need to Install PPSSPP from Cydia 
  • Now Tap on Search, and then type in “PPSSPP“ 
  • Now you have to Tap on the PPSSPP package you want to install (see the FAQ for more details) 
  • Then Tap on Install, and then Confirm

How To Use Hopper In Minecraft Basic Guide For iPhone ( iOS 10/11 )

How To Use Hopper In Minecraft Basic Guide For iPhone ( iOS 10/11 ) 

Hopper Minecraft complete basic guide for you, how to use hoppers in Minecraft. In this article, we will check the basics of hoppers and explain example uses. A hopper moves items between containers. It is a craftable item made from iron ingots and a chest. A hopper can move items left, right or down. Hopper can place and bring items from minecarts with chest, consistent and caught chest, blending stands heaters and dispensers.

How To Use Hopper In Minecraft Basic Guide For iPhone ( iOS 10/11 )

Shift + right click to place a hopper so it “joins” to a container block. Any item above a hopper will be sucked in and transferred to a connected container or stored in internal storage. A hopper placed underneath a container will remove the item from it. We can use hopper item movement properties to automate furnaces. Hopper connected to the side of a furnace will fill the fule slot, a hopper above will fill the item to smelt and hopper beneath will retrieve the output. Hoppers and brewing stand to behave similarly to this. Multiple hoppers can fill a container block at the same time. A hopper can be locked with a Redstone signal which prevents items from entering it. 

A compactor connected to a hopper will output a redstone signal if items are passing through it or if items are stored inside it. The more items in the hopper the stronger the Redstone signal – 23 items – 1 Redstone block. We can use the compactor block and simple Redstone circuitry to automate a minecart with chest arriving and leaving when it has completed loading or unloading. We can invert the compactor output and connect to a short pulse generator – the output of connects to a powered rail. We can combine all of the hopper properties to make some crazy contraptions. 

How To Use Hopper In Minecraft PE 

  • Place a scaffold for the hopper. You need to place the hopper at least one block above the ground, so just place a block of dirt on the ground where you want to put the hopper. 
  • Place the hopper in the dirt. Then face the top of the dirt block and Tap the “Place” button. The hopper will show up with the large section facing up and the limited area facing the ground 
  • Remove the dirt block. This will allow you to another item to be placed below the hopper. 
  • Place a chest below the hopper. Doing as such enables the hopper to funnel any things that land in it into the chest rather than strewing them everywhere throughout the ground. 
  • You can hold Shift button while right-clicking to place the chest here without opening the hopper. 
  • To put the chest without opening the hopper on Minecraft PE or console edition, simply crouch while placing it. 
  • Select the hopper. You have to right-click or use the left trigger on the hopper in order to open it. From the point, you can add things to the hopper; any items you add will instantly be funneled out of the base of the hopper. 
  • Create a monster trap. Placing a hopper and chest assembly at the bottom of a 30-block-deep shaft and then luring monsters to your position will cause them to fall to their deaths, thereby funneling anything they were carrying into the chest down to the hopper. 
  • Be mindful of the chest’s capacity, since if it fills up the trap will no longer collect monster loot for you. 
  • Create an automatic stove. Place a furnace over the hopper, add fuel to the furnace, and after that place a chest below the hopper. After doing so, you can place raw food (e.g., chicken) in the furnace to cook it; once it finishes cooking, it will automatically transfer to the chest. 
  • ensure the hopper’s spout is facing the chest. If it is not, the food will just fly out of the hopper. 

We hope that our guide about how to use hopper in Minecraft has been helpful for you and now you enjoying Minecraft better. If you like our article’s stay connected with

    Monument Valley 2 On The App Store Free Download For iPhone iOS 10/11

    Monument Valley 2 On The App Store Free Download For iPhone iOS 10/11 ( No Jailbreak No PC ) 2017.

    Monument Valley 2 is an indie puzzle game app developed and published by one of the famous game developer Ustwo Games. It is the sequel to the 2014 game Monument Valley. It was released for iOS in June 2017 and released for Android in November 2017. Monument Valley 2 is presented in an isometric view. The goal of the game is to guide Ro and her daughter through mazes that include elements of optical illusions and impossible objects Monument Valley was a critically successful game, achieving more than 30 million downloads by June 2017, which led to growth within Ustwo Games.

    The game is available now for $4.99 on iTunes, is a different sort of journey—the journey of a parent and child. Players begin the game controlling a character named Ro, whose daughter literally follows in her footsteps, at least at first. The player can tap on the device screen to move Ro and her child, or to trigger changes in the virtual architecture of the level to allow the puzzle to be completed. As the game progresses the daughter becomes more independent. First, she’s a simple AI that attempts to close the distance between herself and her mother as efficiently as possible. Next, she’s a fully independent character controlled directly by the player.

    Monument Valley 2

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    Download Monument Valley 2 – Tutu Helper Guide

    • The first thing you need to install Tutu Helper on your iOS device.
    • For install Tutu Helper on your iOS device, you need to open Safari Browser and search for
    • Wait for a while website will get open you will see two option one for the regular version and second for premium.
    • You have to Tap into regular version and follow the usual app installation process Tap Install.
    • Now come back to home screen and there you will see the Tutu Helper is simulating once it will get complete.
    •  Open it, a pop-up will appear about “Untrusted Developer”.
    • Come back and open device settings>General>Profile and Device Management.
    • There you will see the source file’s you need to search for containing Tutu Helper source once you will find out Tap Trust.
    • You have successfully installed Tutu Helper on your iOS device.

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    Download Monument Valley 2

    Once you have installed Tutu Helper you can download all the paid apps and games for free without jailbreak. And now we are going to install Monument Valley 2 for your iOS device. Please follow steps given below for installing it.

    Open newly installed Tutu Helper app and there you will see some welcome process skip it.
    • Now you will see all the latest app and games. You have to Tap into the search bar and search for “Monument Valley 2″.
    • Once you will see the game app icon you need to Tap into it.
    • The game app instruction will be open, where you can read the basic information about the game or any app.
    • Read that if you want, and you will see there is an install button you have to Tap on it and install the game.
    • And there you go, you have successfully installed the Monument Valley 2.

    Note:- whenever you install any app or game from Tutu Helper you must go into Device Settings>General>Profile & Device Management and Trust the app.

    Golden Cydia – Download Paid Apps , Games & Emulators for Free on iOS 10/11

    Golden Cydia – Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS 

    Android, on one hand, offers a few customization and then again, the Apple’s iOS offer next to no customization. In any case, one can without much of a stretch modify their Apple device by jailbreaking it. Jailbreaking is a term, which is frequently related to rooting in Android. By jailbreaking an iPhone, you can customize your iOS device the way you like and there are huge amounts of features offered by Cydia for jailbroken devices. One such sort is Golden Cydia. 

    Golden Cydia is a website, which is exceptionally notable for downloading paid applications for free in an Apple device. There are huge amounts of services like these as of late, yet the best part is, this service does not require an extra application to download onto your device and after that continue further, which is cool. In this way, in this guide, we list some of the features offered by Golden Cydia site and how to install applications using it. In the event that you need an application for iOS, Install TuTu iOS App now. 

    Golden Cydia

    App Suggestions- Download Gta San Andreas For iPhone. 

    How to install Apps from Golden Cydia: 

    As said before, Golden Cydia offers you download some paid applications and cracked games for free. In any case, you may confront some troubles while installing applications from it. Here is our guide for the most proficient method to install Apps from Golden Cydia. Follow all steps carefully so that you cannot face any issue while installing the apps and games. This supports devices like iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch with latest iOS versions iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11. 

    • First, open Safari Browser by unlocking your device and open Safari over there. 
    • Note please use Safari browser during the entire procedure as some of the App Store browsers failed to install some applications. 
    • Now, copy this URL and paste into your safari browser URL: and wait for the website to completely load. 
    • Once after the site completely loads up, you can watch that it is completely in the foreign language. Be that as it may, you have to receive to get used to this, since Safari doesn’t have a built-in translator. On the off chance that you are a jailbroken device user, you can simply download some translator app source from Cydia. 
    • Now you have to search the app you are looking for, there are lots of applications and games available on the website, and one can easily find their search. 
    • After you have done with your search and figured out the application or game, you loved one. Now, just Tap on Green Button to install the app. 
    • When you will Tap on Green button, you will receive a pop-up message to Install the app. Tap on Install button to continue. 
    • Once after the installation process will be complete, you have to manually install the app profile from your device Settings, which was introduced in iOS 10 or 11. To do that, you just head over to Settings >General> Profiles section in the General tab. Just find your app profile and Tap Trust the profiles. 
    • And you have done all the procedure of installing apps through Golden Cydia. 

    Features offered by Golden Cydia: 

    • Golden Cydia is completely a site-based service through which one can install paid application and games for free. 
    • The user interface is very simple to use. 
    • Golden Cydia has a number of applications in their store and that too for free. 
    • The best part is one can download and install the application on a non-jailbroken iOS device as well.

    AirShou App Download & Install iOS 10/11 ( Without Jailbreak )

    Install AirShou Without Jailbreak – iPhone Screen Recorder 

    “AirShou App”- If you are looking forward to a way to record iPhone screen then you might have installed iRec screen recorder. If you are a user Macbook then you can use QuickTime to record your screen which might be pretty difficult sometimes and If you don’t own a MacBook then you can’t do it.

    AirShou App Download & Install iOS 10/11

    earlier only jailbroken iDevice users can enjoy all the advantage of Cydia, but now user with an Apple iPhone or iPad can do it as the best “Cydia tweaks” are now available without jailbreak your device. If you are trying to get an iPhone Screen Recorder app without Jailbreak your iPhone then you are in right place. We found an amazing app named AirShou which serves as a full-time screen recorder app for your iPhone or iPad. 

    The best thing about “AirShou iPA” is it is developed by Shou.TV which kept first the gamers in mind. It developed it for a solution for both platform Android & iOS devices so that gamers can record and broadcast their game plays without any screen recording issues. If you want any native app then you have ReplayKit which will allow you to record your gameplay but you can’t record your device home screen. 

    “AirShou screen recorder” solves all the problems and makes it even easier to record and share your devices screen records. It is integrated with Shou.TV so that it you can directly share the gameplay immediately with Shou.TV users which is a great thing for gamers. The best part of AirShou screen recorder is user can save recordings in their devices Camera Roll. 

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    How to Install AirShou Without Jailbreak – iPhone Screen Recorder 

    Before publishing this “AirShou screen recorder” guide we made sure that the guide is working properly and helps our users to install “AirShow iPA” without Jailbreak their iDevices. We suggest you to not skip any of the below-mentioned important steps which might cause incomplete app installation issues. So let’s check “how to install airshou screen recorder without jailbreak”. 

    • First, unlock & Open Safari browser on your device. 
    • Then you have to type in “” or click here which will redirect you to app installation page ( It will open on Apple iPhone or iOS devices only). 
    • Now you can find AirShou icon which you can find by scrolling down a bit, once you find Click on it. 
    • Next, you need to Tap Install > Install AirShow > install. 
    • The downloading will start and will take a while for the process to get completed. 
    • You have done all with it. Now you can start recording iOS screen without jailbreak your device. 

    Fix AirShou not working on iOS 9/9.3 after installation. 

    If you are unable to open AirShou application on your iDevice then there is no need to worry we are here to help you to fix it. Apple has changed a few things in the recent iOS version update and it also changed the process people used to trust the app. You must trust the application before using it until then whenever you try opening the application you will get “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” pop-up notification which is annoying. We are here to fix the issue of “AirShou app” not working on iOS 9.3. 

    • Make sure you have installed AirShou properly on your iOS device. 
    • Then unlock and navigate to device Settings > General. 
    • Now scroll down a bit you will find “Device Management” option tap on it. 
    • You will find a profile name “Beijing..” tap on it and then click trust button. 
    • Now you can use “AirShou screen recorder” App without any issues. 

    We hope you can now record iPhone screen using “AirShou screen recorder” without jailbreak. If you are having any issues with our installation guide on “How to Install AirShou Without Jailbreak” – iPhone Screen Recorder, please leave comments below.